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Original Legendary Burger at Hard Rock Cafe
What makes a Burger Legendary?


Once you take one bite of our Legendary burger, you’ll definitely see what all the fuss is about. Hard Rock Cafe is no stranger to excellence, and, since we have no chill when it comes to promotion, we’re going to share just how much others love our burgers. We’re awesome and we know it—now you do too!

Burger Awards

  • 2019
    • 2019 Porthole Cruise Editor-in-Chief Awards: Best Burger, Steak Burger, Hard Rock Cafe, Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (Hollywood, Florida)
    • 2019 Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale Burger Battle X: Fan Favorite, Hard Rock Cafe (Hollywood, Florida)
    • 2019 World Burger Contest at Sirha, Hard Rock Cafe (Lyon, France)
    • 2019 Harley Davidson Rock & Ride, Best Legendary Burger (Lisbon, Portugal) 
    • 2019 Prague Harley Days, Best Burger (Prague)
    • 2019 South Carolina Gold Medal Awards, Best Burger Joint & Most Kid Friendly Restaurant (Myrtle Beach, SC)
  • 2018
    • Miami Times Burgerfest (July 2018) – Ultimate Winner/Best in Miami (New Burger Blend, Pre-Menu)
    • Atlantic City Burger Bash 3 (May 2018) – Heart Attack Burger Award
    • Myrtle Beach Burgers, Bites & Brews – People’s Choice Best Burger
    • Hollywood, FL – River Walk Burger Battle – Best Bar and Grill
    • Hollywood Blvd – Culinary Clash – Crowd Favorite
    • Nashville – LGBT Taste – Most Creative Burger
  • 2017
    • Pittsburger – Burger Bash (October 2017) – Judges First Place (Local Legends)


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