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Welcome to Hard Rock Cafe Newcastle


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Welcome to Newcastle, where the old (castle) meets the new! Hard Rock Cafe is coming at you live from Newcastle, with a new layout paying tribute to the past by keeping in line with the former grandeur and arches. Phase one of our grand design includes a cafe with room for 170 of your closest friends, with 60 of those lucky pals getting to sit on a raised mezzanine floor overlooking the river. We’ve also included 16 external seats, and we’ve got our eye on adding an additional external seating area providing 32 seats next to the river. In 2020, Phase Two kicks off with additions like more seating, a larger stage, and a VIP area.

Captains of Industry from Way Back in the Day

Newcastle is a port city famous for industry. Our little town that could was a major shipbuilding and manufacturing hub during the Industrial Revolution, and is now a centre of business, arts, and sciences. Spanning the Tyne, the modern Gateshead Millennium Bridge is the crown jewel of Newcastle, with its unique tilting aperture making it the only tilting bridge in the world.

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Found in the merchant ventures hall on the banks of the river-Tyne, The Guildhall on the “Sandhill” is the ancient centre of municipal government of the town. There is evidence of the existence of a guildhall as early as the 13th century. The old Guildhall was rebuilt and enlarged in the middle of the 17th century by Robert Trollop, and most of the interior of the present building dates from 1658.


Located in the historic Guildhall town court, our cafe brings a touch of history and class to any meal. Featuring classic American fare with that signature Hard Rock twist, Hard Rock Cafe Newcastle delivers satisfaction in every bite. Grab a Legendary® Burger and some delicious sides and wash everything down with a local brew or a hand-crafted cocktail!


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