This is the world’s first burger guitar.

A first of its kind electric instrument that plays music through Hard Rock Cafe’s 24K Gold Leaf Steak Burger™. 


A Legendary Guitar Builder

A Legendary Guitar Builder

We knew to make this dream a reality we had to enlist legendary guitar builder, James Trussart. “I’ve built guitars for more legendary rock stars than I can count but never a guitar for a legendary burger. It was a totally different kind of challenge and an honor to work on. The burger, of course, was delicious.” Some of James’ rock star clientele includes Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, Charlie Sexton, The Roots and Mick Jagger.

See How It Was Made
gold burger guitar

Yes, You Can Actually Play It

How? As you touch a bun or tomato or steak patty, a unique musical note is played. By continuing to touch the burger ingredients, the musician forms unique combinations of notes, similarly to the playing of a traditional electric guitar. We wired a single-board micro-controller into the digital guitar’s circuitry. Your body’s own electrical current completes a circuit within the processor. That processor allows musical notes to be played through the ingredients via touch capacitance.

Watch The Golden Solo

And now we give you the hottest song of the summer... The Golden Solo.

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